Thursday, February 19, 2015

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 schedule for 14 Hour Trips

We have set a couple of dates for our 14 Hour Trips. The first will be on Friday May 30 from 4am-6pm. The cost will be $125 plus a $10 rod rental fee, if needed. We will be targeting Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper and Amberjack. Reservations are currently being taken. Fishing positions are on a first come basis. You may board the boat at 3am or upon crew arrival.

The second trip is scheduled for Sunday June 29. Same criteria as the trip above. Amberjack  season will end on June 1, so we will not be able to harvest them on this second trip. Reservations for this trip will begin on June 8.

The fishing on our 8 hour trips has been great. Lots of grunts, a few red and gag grouper, a few kingfish and the mangrove snapper have returned to the inshore bottom again. Capt. Erik has had several trips with 15-30 mangroves with the best trip being 51.

Our half day boat is still awaiting final approval from the Coast Guard to be able to run. We had to get the stability redone after completing the installation of our new, eco-friendly Cummins engines. We are very excited and anxious to get her running again!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long Overdue Updates

Hi Everyone. Been a long, long time since I have posted. Sorry!!! I could not get into this account for some reason. I am not very computer savvy.

Fishing has been good. Lots of grunts, seabass and porgies. Also, red and gag grouper.

As some of our regular customers know, the Double Eagle Fleet has been working for the last several years with other Captains around the Gulf as well as the National Marine Fisheries Service. We were working on an alternate way to manage the fisheries that would allow for longer seasons at different times of the year. I am happy to say that it has been approved. The Double Eagle Fleet, along with 15 other boats across the Gulf, are participating in a two year pilot study for Gag Grouper and Red Snapper. In this program, they allocate a specific amount of fish to each boat. This is based on the number of fish from the 2011 season plus any increases that have been given to the recreational sector. We are allowed to fish this allocation all year, as long as we have fish left in our account. You can read more about this program at . This is very exciting and it allows our customers to harvest these two species NOW.

I have been receiving several calls and emails inquiring about offshore, extended trips. We will most likely be scheduling these trips at the end of April. They will probably be toward the end of June until the middle of August, depending on our harvest numbers. Stay tuned here and our facebook page for updates around that time.

The Double Eagle lll is wrapping up our repower project. We are hoping to have her back by the end of the month with the new, Eco-friendly Cummins engines. She has a remodeled wheelhouse, new paint job from top to bottom, new tinted windows and new state of the art electronics. We are excited to get her back running.

We will only have full day trips running until the Double Eagle lll returns, with two half day trips scheduled for Sunday March 2. Please be sure to call ahead for reservations for all trips and leave extra travel time, especially on weekends. We are entering our busy season and that means traffic headed to the beach.

Hope to see you all soon!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fishing Update

Fishing the last few weeks has been AWESOME!! The all day trips have been catching a lot of grunts. We have had some great trips on Grouper as well. Of course, we can't keep the Gags until July1, but we have had some trips with up to 22 legal Red Grouper. We have been catching a few King Mackerel, up to 17 on one trip!! They require wire leaders to catch most of the time, so you may want to add some of those to your tackle box.

There will be no open, extended trips for Red Snapper this season. We have the first two weekends booked with private charters. The season was recently shortened from what they have originally given us. A lot of you know that I have been working with several Captains from around the Gulf to get a program approved through our Federal Government. That program is up for public comment for the next week. The more support we get from the public for this, the better chance it has of passing.

The program, if passed, would allow us to fish year round for Red Snapper so long as we didn't go over a set limit of fish given to us. If you would like to show support for this, please visit This site will walk you through and allow you to leave your name and opinion on this matter. It will then go directly to the National Marine Fisheries Department.

Please log on and show your support.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Long Awaited Update

Hey everyone, sorry for my laziness and lack of commenting on our blog. I will try to keep up better than I have been. Fishing has been pretty good as of late. Lots of Grunts, Sea Bass and Porgies on both the half and all day trips. We are catching plenty of nice Gag and Red Grouper, but unfortunately, they are out of season at this time. Red Grouper open for harvest on April 1, can't wait. Gags will open on July 1 and hopefully run till the middle of November this year. We are awaiting final word from the Gulf Council and NOAA. I am waiting for final decision for the 2013 Red Snapper season before trying to schedule any 14 hour trips. Stay tuned, as soon as I hear of the exact dates, I will try to schedule a trip or two. Looking like possibly a 27 day season.

We are excited about an upcoming project. The Double Eagle lll will be getting new eco-friendly engines at the end of the summer. We will have her in drydock for approximately 8-10 weeks, starting in August, while we complete this project. Stay tuned for altered trip schedules for that time period.

The weather is starting to warm, Spring Break is in full swing and the weather the last few days has been awesome. Come on down and go fishing. Remember, this time of year, the traffic can be terrible at times. Leave yourself plenty of travel time, especially for the afternoon trips. Don't forget to call at least a few days in advance to reserve your spots. Our ticket office is open until 8pm daily for any further questions or reservations.

Happy Easter....Happy Spring.....See you all soon!!!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

14 Hour Trip

We have scheduled another 14 Hour Trip for Friday July 13, 2012. Due to the bad weather last month, the National Marine Fisheries has extended the Red Snapper Season by 6 days. Gag Grouper has also opened as of July 1. On this trip, we will be able to harvest all species except Amberjack. This should make for a great trip. Prices and times are the same as the last trip. We are taking reservations now, so call our ticket office for your spot. See you soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Red Snapper Trip

We have scheduled our Only Offshore Red Snapper Trip of the 2012 Season. It will be on Sunday June 10 from 4am-6pm. The cost is $120 plus $10 rod rental fee. We are taking reservations starting today, May 5, 2012. Fishing positions will be first come first served. You will be able to board the boat at 3am. NO ONE BOARDING THE BOAT UNTIL CREW ARRIVES!! Tickets will be paid on morning of the trip. Reservations will be held until 3:30 am. Reservation not paid for by 3:30am on day of trip, will be offered to any passenger on waiting list. We will limit the passenger count to 70 persons. This is 15 more than our previous trips to try and accommodate as many passenger on our only trip this season. I would like customer feedback on the possibility of a weekday 14 Hour Red Snapper trip at the end of June. I must have enough fares to make the trip profitable. This is our only other option due to a busy month of June. We have every weekend booked as of now. We appreciate your comments. Look forward to getting everyone offshore again.

Capt. Chad